Donigan Cumming

Harry's Diary: Extract From Pretty Ribbons

Pierre Dessureault, Treasures of the National Gallery: Donigan Cumming:

“These anti-heroes of an endlessly humdrum world embody and even help stage projections of themselves and their desires, submitting to the merciless glare of the camera's flash, which tends to exaggerate features and draw out stereotypes. Although these images appear to be genuine examples of documentary representation, each is actually a mise en scene that undermines and challenges the sacrosanct notion of ‘naturalness’ and its inevitable corollary, ‘truth.’”

“Nettie comes across not just as a model or an actress, but as an intelligent woman who, unreservedly and with the evident encouragement of the photographer, undermines the spectator's own taboos.”

Bravin Post Lee Gallery, New York, New York, U.S.A. - 1994
Genereux Grunwald Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 1994
Fotofeis 95 Tramway, Glasgow, Scotland, U.K. - 1995
De Praktijk Gallery and De Melkweg Gallery, Amsterdam,
The Netherlands - 1995
Site Gallery, Sheffeld, England. U.K. - 1996