Nelson Henricks

Running time: 15:00 Year: 1987 Format: NTSC 3/4", colour, mono

"The White Studio Tapes" were originally written as performance art pieces and were adapted for video to imply a loose narrative about an event which occurs on New Year's Eve. The videotape consists of five visually and thematically linked sections that deal with themes such as memory, the transformation of love into hate, separation and loss, and the cynic's pursuit of happiness. Much of the work's content is derived from autobiographical sources. "The White Studio Tapes" were conceived as a response to the high production values most often associated with commercial television. While most television offers a narrow, homogenized experience for the viewer, "The White Studio Tapes" delve into personal and emotional subject matter with low budget, "minimalist" style that is at once illustrative and open to wide interpretation.

THE WHITE STUDIO TAPES: Production credits: Nelson Henricks, 1987 Thanks to EM/Media

The White Studio Tapes, 1987 [preview]