Donigan Cumming
Reality and Motive in Documentary Photography

La réalité et le dessein dans la photographie documentaire Donigan Cumming


“California writer Greil Marcus told Cumming that he was the first photographer to treat Presley fans with respect.”

“Principally, there are the bodies. The maimed, the scarred, the ill and the old have bodies which speak particularly stridently of being a certain body. Upon and around these bodies are the clothing, furnishings and possessions
(the documentarian's usual trunk of props) which mask and reveal, cover nakedness and fill emptiness.”

Robert Graham, Documentary and the Powers of Description
Reality and Motive in Documentary Photography

Ottawa: Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, 1986.
78 pp. :ill.;b&w photos; 298 x 197 mm

ISBN: 0-88884-552-9